Terms and conditions

1. In the event of a cancellation, we offer a full refund on Kilcarbry Kid's camps up to 48 hours before all camps begin.
Refunds cannot be provided after this period has elapsed.
2. We require all parents and guardians to complete a questionnaire & short medical disclosure form upon arriving at the camp. Please also inform instructors of any medical conditions, allergies or illnesses relevant to your child. It is important that staff are aware of any relevant issues whilst they are part of the camps. In the event of any child contracting covid during the camp, please email or ring us immediately.
3. In the event of an illness, parents give permission for medical treatment to be administered where necessary by a nominated first aider or suitably qualified medical practitioner. If a parent cannot be contacted, parents authorise a qualified medical practitioner to provide emergency treatment.
4. Upon booking, applicants have agreed to the terms and conditions as set out above. Applicants acknowledge that completion of questionnaire  and medical disclosure form part of the terms and conditions also.